(deprecated) xCOFFIN distribution

As of 7 Sep 2021, this document is a work in progress and should still be considered v0.4.
In the DeFi world, there are many exploits / rug-pulls / scams, and security holes. I will not hesitate to postpone the project if there are any concerns. Please understand.

xCOFFIN distribution

xCOFFIN has a maximum total supply of 100,000 tokens.

70% for Community

80,000 xCOFFIN tokens will be emitted (distributed) to liquidity farmers and token staking users in various ways over the course of 36 months. The amount of xCOFFIN emitted daily is subject to change as the team creates new pools, disables pools, changes reward rates for some pools, and allocates some xCOFFIN rewards as boosting rewards to incentivize pools with Coffin Finance partners. This is subject to change.

20% for Development Team

30% of the total supply or 20,000 xCOFFIN tokens have been set aside for CoffinFinance's team. This amount will be paid to the team gradually over a 36-month period. These funds will be used to pay salaries, marketing costs, audit costs, and all other expenses that the team must pay to grow the protocol.
Earning opportunity might be rare, please see the below article.