Contract and Timelock
The contract addresses will be updated later.
If you have concern about timelock security, please talk on discord community.
As of Nov 3rd, 2021, we have already recieved 2nd audit report. However, we added additional contracts during the process. So the audit has not covered some of contracts. So, to be as transparent as we can possibly be with all of you, it is VERY IMPORTANT to understand that the below is production code, and slightly different from the code which has been audited.
As of Nov 14th, 2021, we start to use Timelock Contract for most important contracts, CollateralReserve, CoffinMaker, CoffinMakerV2. To keep maintenance smoothly, the Timelock contracts for CoffinMaker&CoffinMakerV2 have some bypass functions. The maintenance functions don't enable us to change tax/emission for security reason.
As of November 29, 2021, we are preparing disabling some Timelock. Please read this article about it.
Contract Name
2 Weeks
(plan; not yet)
2 Weeks
(plan; not yet)
1 Day
( 0x004fFF7514FCc75158637BBfE0b85e6072427c2b )
1 Day
( 0x3Ced44f4915074211DcF644A9376486e55E52531 )
2 days
( 0x6a4EdEcE1E8634D53439A50dE8DD302cC5f59dE7 )
will be disabled temporary after voting result.
Gate (for minting and redeeming)
2 days
( 0xde951E9BaD6F963bDb1D150E2a4370A9eF31b0d3 )
Gate2 (ZapMint)
Gate Policy
1 day
Collateral Reserve
2 weeks
will be disabled temporary after voting result.
Collateral Reserve V2
(not yet )

Why Timelock is not so important?

We use Timelock Contract for some contracts.
However, you need to understand it doesn't assure safety.
We are carefully considering this points.
The Timelock contract has not only benefits, it makes difficult to prevent exploit in case of emergency.
As of mid Sep, we plan to prepare the contract.
Of course, still welcome to your opinions. Let's talk on discord after your reading below articles.


The below article is help for you to understand more about the Timelock contract.
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