Memento NFT (unofficial experiment)

What is Memento?

Memento is an experimental NFT project on Fantom Opera Network. It is an entirely on chain random NFT generator.
The NFT has messages, random logos and background colors, as well.
In terms of messages, it is the only feature which is open for updating by the owners.
The message will be encoded to base64, then it will used as a part of NFT image.
Only specific users who the owner has invited can read the messages.
The NFT images don’t rely on any servers outside of the blockchain.
It will stay on Fantom Opera Network, forever.

Memento NFTs have already been 100% minted. You can see below the minting process for informational purposes:

1. Please access the below MementoNFT Contract on FTMScan Link.

2. Connect to web3

3. Claim (You should input "0" in the input form. you don't need to send for now.)

We don’t have an interface for now. If you don’t know how to use FTM Scan to mint NFTs, feel free to ask us on our discord server, or twitter.

Artion supports this NFT?

Yes. As of 27th Sep 2021.

ZooPet supports this NFT?

No. ZooPet supports NFTs which are created on ZooPet itself.

How to increase the NFT value?

There is no OpenSea here on the Fantom Opera Network. On the chain, NFT values are less than on other chains. However, recently Artion has officially launched. We believe the potential of Fantom, we love this chain, so we have released this NFT only on this chain for now.
The value of NFT is related to how popular it is.
We would also like you to help us in distributing new NFT usage, and seek NFT potentials together.
You may commit the following actions voluntarily.
  1. 1.
    Follow us in Twitter — Coffin Finance.
  2. 2.
    Tweets about this campaign. It should include our URLs and some of such hashtags. e.g. $coffin, $ftm, #fantom #NFTDrop #NFT #airdrop #stabletoken #loot
  3. 3.
    Retweet our tweets about the NFT.
  4. 4.
    Join our discord server.
  5. 5.
    And try to use the NFT for fun!

How to update your messages on your NFT?

Please use "updateMessage" method in FTMScan URL.

How to add recipients who can read your messages?

Please use "addRecipient" method in FTMScan URL.

Any limitation? How much?

Total of 8,000.
As of 26th Sep, each address can mint only one NFT for free.
Once the NFT pass Artion collection registration, we are going to start to sale.
Please see the below contract as reference.
MementoPolicy contract control the NFT price.

How to mint more NFTs?

If you send any amount to the contract method, you can mint additional NFTs. But the NFT is no value for now.

If there are sales, what will they be used for?

100% of sales will be used for initial liquidity if before Coffin launch.
If after Coffin launch, it'll be used for liquidity and/or developer funds.