We believe in being flexible and quick to respond to market demands and changes. This is decided not only by us, but by our developers and the DAO community as well. Below are some of the ideas and features that might be available in the near future. Please keep in mind that we are constantly experimenting and collaborating with the community to find appropriate solutions and reach a mutually beneficial arrangement.
  • New CoUSD redeem mechanism
  • CoffinSwap
  • Protocol analytics dashboard
  • Coffin NFTs that are fully backed by collateral (liquidity tokens)
  • Experiment exploring utility with own NFT-Fi series
  • Coffin NFT Marketplace
  • Create utilities for CoUSD
  • NFT staking to earn partner token rewards
  • Website redesign
  • Multi-chain
  • Accumulation of IP(Intellectual Property) through strategic partnerships
Our previous roadmap page can be found on this link.